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The Space in Between........

2023 has a different energy to anything we've experienced before. This feels like the year of finding yourself and following your calling. So many recent readings have been encouraging people to step out into the unknown and follow their heart to find their calling, or 'Soul Purpose'.

But until we know what our calling is, what do we do with the space in between?

It's a funny little place isn't it? This space in between........ the moments between what we love doing and what we do to get by. We know we are not exactly where we want to be, but at this moment in time we are right where we need to be. So how do you fill the hours in between so you don't lose your mind?

The greatest thing we have on Earth is time, so use that time wisely. Until you find your calling, follow your passions. Reading, exercising, singing, growing plants, breeding fish, caring for your pets, baking, talking with your friends and loved ones, drawing - whatever it is that sets your soul on fire - do that. Bring some joy into each day - for a day spent filling your cup is the greatest investment of your time! And it makes the space in between bearable.

While we are engaged in doing something we truly love, our conscious mind takes a sidestep allowing our unconscious mind to take the reins. This is a magical space as it allows us to find solutions to our everyday problems, and bring to the surface all the hurt we spend a lifetime burying. This offers us the opportunity to heal the hurts and delve deep into ourselves. It can be a process, and we may need extra support professionally, to unpack it all - but offloading the burdens allows our true selves to emerge, and our true selves lead us closer to our true calling.

Some of us may already have an idea or a goal - a vision of where we want to end up, and some of us may have no idea at all but are keen to explore further and find out. The Universe shows us time and time again that our soul's calling is linked to our passions and interests - our hobbies and the things we completely nerd over. It also shows us that our true selves are hidden beneath the layers of protection that trauma helps us build. So go inward, unpack and explore the depths of your soul, and do more of what you love......this will lead you to your soul's calling.

The space in between is where the healing begins........ and the pathway home begins to emerge.

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