Purple Agate slice with lettering and numbering, coated in clear resin for a glossy finish. Comes with complimentary pendulum. 

Purple Agate Pendulum Board

  • Not perfectly symmetrical, and diameter is approx 19cm. Pendulum boards are used in conjunction with pendulums to connect to the spirit world and receive guidance and answers to specific questions. They have letters, answer words and numbers to help provide clearer guidance. Each pendulum board comes with a bonus pendulum.

    Agate is a grounding stone that has a strong connection to Mother Nature. It is an excellent calming and balancing stone, and great for use in spiritual work as it helps to raise consciousness and connect us to the Universe’s innate wisdom. Purple Agate is ideal for spiritual transformation. It allows us to trust our intuition and opens us to endless possibilities. It is a powerful protection stone and can be used to protect against physical or energetic dangers.