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Welcome to Kiah Corner
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A safe space to guide you back to the true essence of yourself and create the life you want to lead.
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Kiah Corner is a safe space where people can bring the most current versions of themselves, where they will feel safe to express that in whatever way they see fit. A place they may learn new things, explore their inner workings and continue molding this glorious masterpiece that is their authentic selves.

Kiah Corner is all about self-acceptance, non-judgement, and a genuine desire to grow into the person you always were, and always want to be. We empower you to feel more in control of your destiny through tools you choose to place in your personal and spiritual toolkit - to manage whatever circumstances life presents you.


Through our work together, you will see the bigger picture of your life, understand more of your soul purpose and learn to focus on the lessons that come from all personal experiences ~ And you get to choose where that learning takes you!

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We cultivate compassion and empathy for ourselves and others, leaving no space for judgement and criticism.


We practice connection by ensuring our clients feel seen, heard, valued, and empowered.

Ethical Integrity

We always act from a place of integrity, accepting and choosing to serve in accordance with our values, morals and work ethics.


We empower ourselves and others to be who they are. We are true to our own personality, our values and our spirit. By being authentic, we build deeper connections with others and their own authentic selves, helping better serve our customers.



We embody a deep sense of belonging and openness to the infinite and through that, serve our customers to become a better, more whole and content person.

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Kiah is a place in Bega Valley, NSW, in Yuin-Monaro country, and Kiah is an Aboriginal language word that means ‘from the beautiful place.’ Kiah was the name I had chosen should my son have been a daughter, and this name has journeyed with me since then.


After an extremely traumatic period in my personal life, I had lost my faith in the world as I knew it. I began questioning my whole existence, and this crazy little planet we call home. To make any sense out of anything, I had to return to what I knew could restore my faith in something - and that was my spirituality.


I abandoned a more traditional tertiary education in psychology and studied anything and everything I could about spirituality until slowly the pieces of me began to come back together - completely different but a better version than they were: raw, honest, real, unapologetic but finally….recognisably me.


Kiah Corner was created to pay homage to that journey, and the art of self-improvement and personal evolution - creating a legacy we can all be proud of leaving for the next generation.

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