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This protection kit includes black salt, black sage, raw black Tourmaline chunks, raw Rose Quartz and raw Amethyst. The black salt is used to create a circle of protection around the perimeter of a room or house, with the black sage used to cleanse and clear out negative energies. The Tourmaline is used to absorb and transmute the negative energy, with the Rose Quartz and Amethyst to encourage love and psychic protection into the home. Kits include instructions to help carry out a cleansing or clearing. 

Smudge Kit for Protection

  • Each kit includes a 120gm jar of black protection salt, a small black sage smudge stick, four chunks or raw Black Tourmaline, one large chunk of Rose Quartz and one medium chunk of raw Amethyst. Each full kit weighs approx 580gm. 

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