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Presented in beautiful wooden box with small compass, sage smudge stick, palo santo stick, large raw rose quartz chunk, clear quartz chunk, obsidian chunk, and amethyst chunk. Instructions are contained within the box to guide a house smudge clearing/cleansing and crystal placement for protection of any home or space.

Smudge Kits

    • Includes:
      • Small compass: 2.5cm
      • Sage smudge stick: 12cm x 4xm
      • Palo santo stick: 4cm x 7cm
      • Large raw rose quartz: 6cm x 5xm
      • Clear quartz: 4cm x 2cm
      • Obdisdian: 3cm x 1cm
      • Amethyst: 3cm x 2cm
      • Instructions
    • Crystal dimensions are average and not exact
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