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Looking for signs in all the wrong places....

So many people are in anguish at the moment, and the common thread is that they are looking for more meaning in their lives. People are re-evaluating their entire lives and searching for a sign/s that they are on the right path.... I often get asked:

"How do I know when I am getting a sign?"

You are surrounded by signs and symbols every single day so you don't need to go looking for them, you just need to start noticing them. Every animal that crosses your path in a day is a sign. Every dream you have, every song you hear on the radio or your playlist and every repeating number or number sequence is sending you a message. Signs and symbols are universal languages - this is how the universe speaks to us and sends us feedback.

When we are in alignment we notice every sign and know instinctively what the core message of that sign is. If we are not yet in alignment it may require a little practice to get into alignment and start noticing and heeding our signs. Below are some tips to start receiving and heeding your signs:

  • As soon as you wake, note down everything you can remember about your dreams - even the most minute or random details

  • Start your day with a gentle meditation to get into 'the zone'

  • Note every single animal that crosses your path in a day - especially the ones that behaviour in peculiar ways

  • Keep note of repeating numbers and number sequences - on the clock or in songs or as part of your daily activities

  • Keep note of street signs, car number plates or messages on signage that have particular meaning to you

  • Keep note of the songs that may play on the radio or on your/a playlist, as part of your daily activities - especially lyrics that really stand out or 'hit home'

  • Keep note of anything you find on the ground during the day - coins, money, feathers, stones, paper etc

  • Keep note of messages that may stand out to you during your day - on clothing, paper, signage, advertisements

  • Notice any resounding themes in your day - e.g. everyone/meeting is running early/late, people wearing a particular colour, piece of jewellery etc, repeated symbols or pictures wherever you go

At the end of the day, search up the meaning of everything you have noted in that day. When looking for animals search the spiritual meaning of the animal, e.g. 'spiritual symbology of magpie.' When looking at numerology search 'angel number 444.' When looking into your dreams search 'dream meaning of writing in a journal.' When looking at objects search 'spiritual symbology of $2 coin/finding coins'. This will help to assist in finding more spiritually significant answers.

Once you have completed this exercise for.a whole day, you will start to see the pattern of the message/s that is coming through in all of your signs and symbols. You will no longer ask how do I know if I am getting signs, you will just need to ask 'what are my signs trying to tell me?'

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