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Things aren't falling apart, they're just falling into place....

Life is a journey - we all know this - but no one really warns us about the rocky spaces in between growth and learning. The moments when we are surrounded by chaos and it feels like we may never break through to appreciate the growth period. When it feels like the world is falling down around our ears and we cannot make rhyme nor reason of anything - this is the moment we need to hit pause and remind ourselves that things may not be falling apart, maybe they are just falling into place......

We will never truly appreciate the innate wisdom of Divine Timing whilst we are sitting in the chaos.

Divine timing has a funny way of working - for our spirit team and source know exactly what we need and they also know the exact moment we need it. It can be difficult to appreciate this when it feels like they are on vacation while we are experiencing turmoil after turmoil. We can get so caught up in focusing on one small detail - like a relationship breakdown, a betrayal, lack of resources, or not getting a promotion that we worked so hard for - that we can't see the bigger picture. These are the moments we may need to 'zoom out' to take the whole picture in.

It is often in hind sight that we manage to appreciate Divine Timing, and realise why we didn't get what we wanted at the moment we thought we needed it. This is the brilliance of Source and Spirit - for they know exactly what is around the corner for us and often ensure we don't get something we want because they have something better in store for us - or because they can see how badly getting what we want now might turn out for our future selves. They may know that ensuring our current things fall apart is what is needed for us to live our best future life.

So what can we do whilst we are sitting in the mud, feeling unable to move forward? Develop new habits that empower us to live in the moment and not get lost in the challenge of the experience. No matter what is going around us, we can always control what is going on inside of us. We can't control the micro-managing boss, the crazy ex, or the school-yard gossiper - but we can control the way we respond internally, and thus externally.

Daily practices that calm our internal navigation systems can help us feel in control - especially when we feel like our outer world is out of control. Meditation and yoga are some of the best known ways to increase calm, but have you heard of Thai Chi, or sun and moon gazing? Watching the sunset or sunrise can also be a powerful practice. Anything that helps us appreciate the world outside of our woes and reminds us of our connection with the Universe.

Breaking old habits is a great way to move us forward. When unlearn an old habit, and replace it with a new, healthier habit, we shift our focus and thus our intention. The first 7 minutes immediately after waking are the most powerful moments in your day - when your mind is at its most impressionable. So start your new practice now - spend the first 7 minutes of waking thinking about all the things you appreciate in your life now, and fill your body with good-feel emotions like love, gratitude, joy and appreciation.

"Change your mind and you'll change your life." Dr Joe Dispenza.

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