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Stuck in the mud.......

Most of my clients recently have come to me advising they feel so stuck at the present moment, and it seems to be a universal sentiment. It is not surprising given the current world situation.

Covid has taught us many things as it has made us stop, look and listen to the world around us. Many things happening because of lockdowns and restrictions have made us question the world we live in, and our contribution to that. Mainly it seems these changing times have impacted in people re-evaluating their entire lives. What used to bring us joy no longer seems appetising, what we once thought we valued no longer seems important and the way we lived our lives seems so far removed from the current life we are living. There are many people longing to simplify their lives - to get out of the rat race and enjoy life at a slower pace.

I feel so stuck at the moment and don't know how to get 'unstuck'.

We often feel stuck in life because we get into a habit of living - a daily schedule that sees us living each day on repeat. This in turn makes us feel like we are the main character in the movie 'Ground Hog Day', and leaves us feeling helpless to find a way to get out of the rut or 'finish the movie'. The easiest way to finish the movie is to change the scenes - mix up your daily schedule. Only do things that add value to your day and find a way to add something that brings you joy each day. This seems so easy and simplistic but it can have lasting impacts as it changes the way we see the world. Adding joy to our day gives us something to look forward to; offering a sense of hope and renewed wonder. This in turn encourages us to start the day with optimism instead of dread. The changes don't need to be radical but they do need to be meaningful.

If you hate your job, get a new one - if you can't at this point in time then find ways to fill your non-working hours with activities that light your fire so the working hours are made bearable. If you feel weighed down with all the jobs you have to do at home then enlist the family to help you out - share the load or stop doing things that aren't absolutely necessary. If this is not possible then find a way to make them fun, create games around your home tasks or set time limits on each task and challenge yourself to do them quickly so you can move on to doing something that you enjoy. Take stock of your everyday tasks and habits, and start to cull the ones that don't bring you joy. Instead of watching TV every night, or spending hours scrolling through your phone, plan to do something else that engages your childlike wonder and spirit of happiness.

There are many simple changes that can influence radical change in your worldview:

  • learn a new skill (music, art, sports, language)

  • redecorate your bedroom or other rooms in your home

  • organise weekly get togethers with family and/or friends - game nights, meal sharing, movie nights

  • plant a garden and begin growing your own fruits and vegetables

  • add a different exercise to your every day - hiking, walking, swimming, cycling, bowling etc

  • do that thing that you've always wanted to do, or loved doing as a child but don't do as an adult

  • plan a day trip each weekend

  • explore your suburb or region - visit all the local hotspots and culturally significant places, and learn about the true history of the place you call home

  • start a journal, a blog, a book, a script and write about the things you love or have experienced

  • start or renew a hobby you have always loved or longed to do

  • join a local social group or book club - online if you can't get out in person

Feeling stuck is a message from our soul that our life is no longer serving us and we are being urged to live differently. When we feel stuck we often only see problems or one particular solution, yet when we engage our creative minds we see the world full of potential and possibilities. Being creative gets us out of our black and white rational minds and opens our eyes to a world full of colour, abundance and joy.

So start today..... get creative and open your eyes to world full of possibilities......

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1 comentario

27 nov 2021

I love reading your messages to the world. They are so uplifting and spot on. 💚

Me gusta
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